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Vilamoura is the ideal place to enjoy the outdoors, get in shape and be healthy. People come here looking for a little more than just a beach vacation, as there are a number of spaces prepared for walking, running and exercising daily.


Vilamoura is a city on the south coast of the Algarve, with breathtaking views. The flat topography accompanied by the green of the parks, the blue of the sea and the yellow of the sand makes running an even more pleasant activity, with the constant change of scenarios.


In the center of Vilamoura there is a huge garden with a track very used by people who enjoy physical activity, with an area designated for barbell exercises and other exercises and stretching outdoors, as well as small fountains where you can drink water. IF Vilamoura is just minutes away from this area.


When leaving IfVilamoura you can make fantastic tours. The city is very well organized with walking routes that go towards the beach. If you prefer a longer walk, then there are a number of walking trails in the surrounding areas.


São Lourenço Trail

This straight trail leads to serene lagoons and the salt flats of Ria Formosa. This area is one of the most important wetland ecosystems in the Algarve, with protected salt pans and wading birds.

Paderne Castle Route

This circular route takes us to the historic castle around Paderne. Here you can explore the variety and the often violent history of what the Algarve is today. Walk through fragrant fields, with a wide variety of birds.

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